Fixtures of Fashion Week: Can you name them?

I thought it would be fun to include some pictures of The Fixtures of Fashion Week. Regular attendees season after season who never fail to dazzle with their unique sense of personal style. Stay tuned for more coverage soon in another post.


riz said...

Ok who is that last gentleman in the last 2 pics?? I totally saw him front row at tracy reese. he's probably someone important i should know...i'll never forget that hat.

bixx said...

patrick mcdonald is the only 'fixture' i give a crap about. don't see enough eccentric dandy so it's nice that he gets photographed.

Unknown said...

#1 and #2, Patrick McDonald

#3 is Shail Upadhya, stylist

#4 and #5, Bill Boiz, custom fashion design and stylist.

Anonymous said...

the second guy is quite cute whereas the first guy send chills done my spine


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