Soho: Crosby and Spring

Somehow I predict a resurgence of interest in deep red bags.

This is Arielle Pytka, of Ford Models. She's wearing one Rick Owens top with multiple built in layers.

Beautiful, from Holland.


A said...

Overall great post. I love the girl's first dress though. Absolutely perfect, where is it from?

Unknown said...

^ I wish I could answer your question. Maybe someone else here can?

A said...

I was thinking Vanessa Bruno but I haven't seen it before. I adore it and it looks great on her and she pulls it off so well.

Anonymous said...

ohmigawh OH em gee
that outfit with the layered dress/top is SO KEWL. i LOVE it

Anonymous said...

Arielle looks very good, love her laid-back style


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