Behind the scenes with Stil in Berlin

The first batch of photos of the girl in this post was taken here.

Now you can see where the second batch of pictures were taken. This is the angle that Benjamin chose for the final picture.

On Sunday afternoon, I had the pleasure of meeting one of Europe's most well known Street Fashion photographers -- Benjamin from Stil in Berlin. If you haven't already checked out their site, I recommend clicking around a bit when you do. They have some really amazing pictures.

Naturally I jumped at the chance to pick Ben's brain and being the patient gentleman that he is, Benjamin answered with aplomb and honesty:

How has Stil in Berlin evolved differently than where you originally thought it would go back when you first started it?

When Mary first asked me to join up with her to hit the streets of Berlin, she already had a plan of how Stil in Berlin could be. Of course having some advertisements connected to fashion was a thought, but we wanted to be the blog as clean as possible. So we just started out going into the city for an hour a week.

But the traffic on our site grew, especially after an article on (, so we just had to put more time into the site. Because knowing that people are curious about your photos really gives you a boost and motivates you to put more time and energy into the site.
Since then we did several interviews for online as well as print magazines, an exibhition (collaboration the Style-scouts organized by Style Scout from London. This really helped Stil in Berlin to be known and from then on people asked us the be involved in different projects. We made streetstyle videos for current-tv and we provide a major two monthly Berlin magazine with streetstyle articles.

A couple of weeks ago we even were invited by Chanel for a trip to Paris to check out their new campaign on the Coco Mademoiselle campaign. So right now things are going very well, I never would have dreamed of how Stil in Berlin would grow, and our website is still very clean.

When someone says "no" to having their picture taken, do you persist or do you walk away?

Well Germans are people that normally say what's on their mind. So if someone says "no" in most cases it will not turn into a "yes". To convince them we do tell him/her that their outfit is magnificent and that it will be only a matter of a minute. But gladly not a lot of people turned us down. And if they do the main reason is that they have to be at some appointment.

It was a pleasure meeting Benjamin and look forward to meeting the both of you in Berlin soon!


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