New York City Street Style: 5:00 p.m. Saturday

Striking: satin high waisted shorts with arrow shapes at waist, interesting built in layer on her right exposed left shoulder...totally put together for a casual stroll down Lafayette.

This is Ariana wearing a cotton/wool blend houndstooth shirtdress from Sweet Tater. The sash is actually detachable (buttons on and off) so that you can wear the dress tied at the high waist or loose and drapey. Remember to click the picture to view an enlarged image.


Anonymous said...

top one is striking!

Anonymous said...

she can pull of that high-waisted satin shorts because her ab is as flat as a board. I shudder to imagine a normal person wearing that.

Anonymous said...

Those shorts make her look rather foolish. I would honestly laugh if I saw her. Silly fashion victims, this is the worst trend I have seen all year, worse than the fluro spastics.


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