New York City Street Style

I liked everything about her from her skin tone and hair style to hat and coat, and boots. Superb.

This gentleman resonates Old School New York City..he's been around for awhile and with his unique appearance, I hope he never disappears.


Puebla Chic said...

looove the girl, i know the guy its awsome whit that yellow suit but the girl its all that!

Anonymous said...

the guys is really...something else.
I love the most of the girl's, maybe not so much the coat, it makes her look pregnant.

Anonymous said...

I think #1 forms a cohesive and historical style statement--beautiful.

#2 is great.

WendyB said...

Both are great.

Sally Jane Vintage said...

The girl in the red hat and boots is perfect, perfect, perfect.

Anonymous said...

hello new york. i absolutely love the models on this page. absolutely. and yes, especially the cute girl in the red hat. wow.

ralph alexander anthony rangel II, chicago


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