New York City Street Style: Mulberry Street

This is BJ wearing Spanish based items from Zara and boots from Jeffrey Campbell.


Mónica said...

The estructure of her coat is very interesting, I like it

Monika said...

hey! thanks for your sweet comment!
Your blog ROCKS.
I really like that coffee-girl, reminds me of myself. she has an elegant but outstandig style!

Puebla Chic said...

i fall in love whit those boots

Nína Katrín said...

"altamiranyc said...
This picture is great. Not only is the girl pretty, but by hiding half of her face, she appears to be playing "peek-a-boo", which in my interpretation, is a subtle form of flirting. Good shot."

Actually I didn't take this photo, a photographer named Jói Kjartans did and it is a photo of my sister. Thanks for the comment, I like all of your photos and I visit your site daily.


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