Happy New Years!

When I saw this couple walking up the street on Broadway, they were so full of playful affection for each other, it is like a moment was perfectly created for photographic history.

For a more direct view of the outfits, you can click here and here .


Puebla Chic said...

love his pants, and she looks so sweet giving him that kiss... happy new year!!

Stitch Society said...

This is absolutely adorable. A- i need those pants, and B- perfect capture.

Looking forward to you in the new year altamiranyc! have a great one!


Pret a Porter P said...

this is absolutely adorable. i love their contrasts, like an odd couple. he's also a dead on benny right down to the paint splattered pants.

and ps her boots, FABULOUS!

******* said...

Damn, he has a girlfriend? Lucky girl. I think he is the hottest, sexiest thing around! Great photo, too, nice capture.

WendyB said...

They are fabulous. And thin. They are fabulously thin!

mary said...

they are really cute.i put your blog on my favourites, i love ny and i think you are gorgeous.
Please visit my blog.
Love Mary from Italy....i know you love Italian style!

Anonymous said...

Is that that one guy, Bitch of Elizabeth?? He's so pathetic! Doesn't he know he can't paint?


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