Why they call New York City a "melting pot" (at least another reason)

The real answer is diverse cultures, which to some extent is revealed in the diverse sense of style. This is Shane and Sarah. I loved their original sense of style.

Sarah proudly showing her coat from Ghost and her Ann Demeulemeester bag. I love Ann Dem pieces.

Close up of Shane's coat from Buckler . I found the details on this coat literally mesmerizing.

Sculpted headpiece with colored tights and kiltie black shoes.

This is actress Lindsey Broad wearing over-the-knee colored tights. Her coat is from French Connection, her bag from Lucky Brand, and her boots are from Urban Outfitters.


WendyB said...

Wow, look at that beautiful blue/purple/burple coat!

Anonymous said...

i'm so coveting that patchwork bag!
you have such a good eye to catch an actress, i'm so spacey, i never notice that stuff...which is probably why you're able to do street fashion.

Alya said...

Isn't Sara going to freeze to death in those tights?

Anonymous said...

I like Lindsey's bag!


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