Welcome to Michele McNally, Horatio Silva, Anne Christensen, and the N.Y. Times...revisiting vintage altamira

Anne Christensen on Sixth Avenue outside of the tents during fashion week. The movement of the person in the background suggests how challening it was to weave through people at New York Fashion Week, let alone get a clear picture.

I found Carine Roitfeld fun and really cooperative with my requests. Instead of shooting a full body picture of her, this close-up picture of her wearing a hoodie with the wind blowing her hair was captivating. Notice the cab driver in the background.

This is Brian Ermanski and this is not his kid, nor is it mine. This little boy curiously walked in on the photo wanting to see what was going on. A delightful moment in time caught on camera for years to come.

The editorial style pose in this picture still rivets my attention. You might be able to notice the guy in background looking back, wondering what was going on.

I was walking across Lafayette Street when I heard the putter coming from the engine on this man's moped. Not only are the different historical references in his outfit mesmerizing, but the fact that the foreground is juxtaposed against a background of people and buildings from 2007, give this photo a paradoxical feel.

This is Sato. I like his absolutely couture approach to avant-garde style.

This is one of the first photos I took at London Fashion Week. Not only did I think her outfit was superb, but I deliberately left the street sign in the composition in the background for added visual impact.

Androgyny fascinates me when it is artfully expressed. The perfect hairline on this girl, her still facial expression, and the curved lines which lead to the dual decker bus in London in the background made for an intersting shot.

I always admire people who defy modern fashion in favor of retro-style couture. Notice the leading lines of the row of homes, leading off into the far distance, where you can see Londoners going about their daily business.

The outfit is inspiring and so is the fact that you can see the words "London Fashion Week" on the car doors in the background.

At the end of the Donna Karen show at New York Fashion Week, the fire department showed up. I'm guessing there was a report that the building had violated some fire code and the excess crowd was causing street congestion. While the lights from the F.D.N.Y. truck in the background were going off, I was able to snap this shot of well know model Irina Kulikova.


WendyB said...

Good stuff. The photo of Carine reminds me of the famous picture of Jackie O, with her hair a-blowing.

Nicole Then said...

I love the girl with the editorial pose. her bag is exquisite!

Anonymous said...

This is an amazing set of photos and it's pretty much impossible to pick a favorite. I'm really digging the gentleman on the scooter though. His combination of vest and cuffed jeans is too perfect.

AsianCajuns said...

These are all gorgeous photos. I can't believe you got a picture of Carine Roitfeld - and she looks so relaxed and natural. Great job!

Anonymous said...

You know the girl with the "editorial pose" is Iekeliene Stange, right?

Riikka Aaltonen said...

You caught Iekeliene! That is so, so cool!
She is my absolute favourite model. :)

annah said...


oh my she is so amazing.

fad tony said...

bravo sato!

Unknown said...

wonderful shot!

Anonymous said...

Anabela! She is so beautiful!


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