Fall Fashion Week street style

Patrick McDonald

Kate Lanphear, Senior Style editor at US Elle. I absolutely love her personal style: the hair, the coat, and scarf.

This is Natassia "Scarlet" Malthe, the lead actress in the new David Nutter TV Pilot (Director Entourage, Nip Tuck, Sopranos) coming in April 2008

Kelly Bensimon and company.

André Leon Talley


Pret a Porter P said...

kate & andre, im jealous!

WendyB said...

Look at all those name-brand peeps posing for you. I'm so proud!

Alya said...

Oh you, name-dropper, you! Can u make me even more jealous!

Anonymous said...

Andre Leon Talley couldn't look sloppier. Of course they're not, but his shoes might as well be Wallabes. He should NOT be a fashion icon. He's completely clueless in terms of his own personal style.

Vinda Sonata said...

kate lanphear rocks!! i love her personal style very much!!



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