NYC Street Fashion

I liked this picture not only because of his style and haircut, but because the shutter speed I had the camera set at blurred the motion of the truck in the background. If I could have had him move over to his left just a bit, it would have made nearly perfect composition within the grids of the street.

Fur coat, striped tights.

The haircut, the glasses, the leather jacket, the slim fit pants, the shoes. Cool look.


Fashistanbuller said...

The model in the fur coat with stripe tights is Ece Sukan, a famous Turkish model, who lives in Istanbul and also a fashionista. She was chosen one of the trendsetters of 2007 by the magazine The Wall. I adore her!

underneath said...

Great blog - love it!

Saneeta Renee said...

The second pic down is David Thielebeule from Harper's Bazaar magazine.

Anonymous said...

the model in the fur is also an idiot.


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