Why I haven't been updating the blog recently (scroll down for street style pictures)

I recently bought a fixer-upper condo as my new pet project--bugs and all. Above is my contractor Rick installing a new ceramic tile on the bathroom floor.

Even though hired contractors are doing the labor, the time involved in picking out stylish accessories, or bathroom tiles, or granite for the kitchen counter tops, or solid wood flooring etc. has taken away from my street style hunting time.

I assure you though, this is only temporary as construction should be finished by the end of April.

See you on Monday with new updates!


Anonymous said...

Hope everything will work out fine, I recently had my apartment renovated too for moving in, it's tiresome at times but fun to be satisfied with the results.

WendyB said...

I was expecting to see hoards of bugs!

Elizabeth said...

Yes, where is the bug invasion?

This is a cool project. I'll be looking forward to seeing what new material you have next week.

Anonymous said...
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la femme said...

Oooo. I can relate!

Good luck with the new place.


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