BRB: Be Right Back

Asbury by Suzanne Scott, photo credit to Suzanne Scott

It's going to be a slow week as far as updates are concerned. I'll be back on Monday with fresh updates though.

In the meantime, there is a great street fashion site run by Pete Miszuk, the street fashion photographer for whom I had the pleasure of chatting with briefly during London Fashion Week. You might be interested in visiting his site for regular updates.

As well, a Happy Birthday goes out to my friend Suzanne Scott whose work titled Asbury is pictured above. She's already an
accomplished artist
and looks forward to showcasing her work at galleries in Cologne and Milan.

See you soon with new pictures!


無料提供!!情報商材・商品徹底分析!!(初心者向け) said...

The recent commitments, thank you.
Thank You, the images on the secret. Please see the link.

WendyB said...

Hurry back!

Anonymous said...

Can't wait!!


Elizabeth said...

I'll miss you while you're gone!


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