New York Street Fashion: Deconstructed Detail

This is Rashad. The first thing I noticed about Rashad's outfit was neither his hair nor the contrast between his shirt collar (solid) and rest of his shirt (stripes), but his vest. The sides appeared thinner than normal. It was no surprise then to find that Rashad had deconstructed the vest himself, removing with scissors all but one button on the front.


Elizabeth said...

I was so struck by the loose/pegged trousers and boots, I missed everything else until you pointed it out. He's got a solid idea of his own style.

WendyB said...

Nice shots.

Anonymous said...

i like his waistcoat.


Pret a Porter P said...

An awesome shot!
His hair is phenomenal.
And his style is amazing.
There's an interesting fit to his jeans that's pretty cool.
And he gets extra bonus pts for his name being rashad

Anonymous said...

This dude is awesome.

Unknown said...

ohhhh, this is phenomenal. i love deconstruction and this is amazing.

Anonymous said...

Im really not feelin' these jeans at all. The waist and thighs have the cut of a relaxed fit, yet the legs are fitted. I dont get it.


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