Announcing Blogger's Meeting: Soho Park, Sat. 5/17/08, 17:00

Dear Readers,

You are cordially invited next Saturday for an official blogger get together!

TIME: 17:00, great for soft outdoor lighting

PLACE: Soho Park , corner of Lafayette and Prince

Reservations are under the name "altamiranyc", but I'm sure you will be able to spot us readily from the sidewalk.

Confirmed attendees so far:

1. Copenhagen Street Style --Jenny and Soren

2. Icing --Gala Darling, Australian fashion blogger

3. The Bargain Queen --Sara, Australian fashion blogger

4. Wendy Brandes --Wendy Brandes, high end jewelry designer

5. The Pin-Up Poet Strikes Again --Andrea Grant, Multi-Media artist

6. Bobble Bee --Patricia, NYC wardrobe stylist

7. Ropa Vieja --Art Director

8. -- Nick Whitehouse, street fashion photographer

If you wish to attend and your name is not on the list above, please post a
confirmation to attend in the comments section below. Then I will add your URL
to the list above. Conversely, if your name is on the list above and you can't attend,
please notify me ASAP. Thanks.

Anyone with an interest in fashion is welcome to join us for a snack, dinner, and drinks.
I realize it's a bit of a last minute notice, so there's no need to stay the entire time, just stop
by to say hello! :)



a.k.a. altamiranyc

p.s. dress to impress!


Anonymous said...

Aw man! I wish I lived in NYC. Although I'd probably be too shy to go anyways! :P

K.Line said...

Must you torture me with my foreign-ness?! :-) I would love to be able to attend this gathering. Alas, I'll be in North Carolina. (It's not very hip but perhaps it's very warm.)

Lily said...

so many cool people at one place at one time!
ohh, how I long to live in NYC!

Elizabeth said...

If only!

Have fun.

Anonymous said...


Come to London instead, we have Soho Park! LOL


Riikka Aaltonen said...

Darn it! I wish I lived in New York. :(

I really hope you're going to post some pictures from the meeting!

Anonymous said...

ugh, i so badly want to attend (i'm in nyc). i have an event that afternoon.

Unknown said...

that sounds like fun. i just moved to nyc, but have been viewing your blog for the past several months. i'll stop by (hopefully i won't get lost!)...carmen

jesicola said...

Hello! Thanks for the invite, I will definitly come hang out! See you sat!

Anonymous said...

wish i could come, but i'm stranded overseas!

Bobble Bee said...

see you sat! :)

Puebla Chic said...

Well, the fact that I live in Mexico, make it very hard, but post pics to see how it went.

..... said...

oh but what about the people not livin in NY ?

fashion skool said...

I'd love to come to your blogger meeting. I do street fashion and some "street art" in New York as well, though I started in Minneapolis and plan on doing the blog from there this summer (I'm a student so can be a little flexible that way).

Anonymous said...

This sounds fantastic. Wish I was on the east coast.

la femme said...

can't wait to see the photos...

Anonymous said...

See you guys saturday.....


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