New York Street Style


WendyB said...

Cool jacket.

Elizabeth said...

She beat me to it^^. I also love the neighborhood.

Kat Walks said...

hey craig, thanks for the credit! i'm really impressed with the change on here since u got your new lens. i have a 50mm and somehow i can not get it to work for me :(
anyway, keep up the good work. oh and i love the dude above ;)

have a sunny summer in nyc

Pret a Porter P said...

an interesting look that he pulls off. i really find the colors the most appealing.
perhaps he may also spark a new trend in menswear: "The Girlfriend Jacket"

Sabrina said...

Are those all women's clothes? Besides the slightly awkward length of the blazer, I really love the pattern, especially paired with the scarf and cap.

Anonymous said...

love the curtain-type jacket.



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