New York Street Fashion: NYC Fashion Week Day 7

Kate Lanphear

Ken Goh, Fashion Director at Harper's Bazaar Signapore.

holding hands 

I've seen a lot of yellow cabs and black Lincoln Town Cars pull up to the tents today, but this form of transportation has to win the award for the most unique.

Martina Correa, currently with Supreme Models

Alana Zimmer currently with Supreme Models

I also had a beautifully composed shot with Milagros Schmoll of Trump set up today. She posed up against a light pole, with a cool window in the background, and the shadows were casting a cool reflection on the sidewalk. Then other photographers started shooting too and by use of their flash, ruined the lighting on every one of my pictures. Arghhh!


La Clocharde said...

I totally love Martina's's so simple and beautiful and looks great with that fab hair she has.

Sorry about that photo ruined by the must have been really upsetting.

Anonymous said...

kate looks amazing. she is always an inspiration. ;sigh:

and i absolutely love the 3rd photo. well, i love them all. this is my favorite post from ny fashion week so far. every shot is amazing.

and it would've been even more amazing with milagros! ahh. i absolutely love milagros. too bad the flashes threw off your photo. =/

bi-style said...

I love the NY fashion week! And the last outfit and #1 are so amazing!Thanks for your great blog!

Anonymous said...

L-O-V-E love Mr. Goh's colours! Tres fantastique!

Elizabeth said...

Goh's footwear was superb! Nice photos, C!

Anonymous said...

Martina is gorgeous, love her outfit!

Anonymous said...

Kate Lanphear is really cool - what a great picture!

Anonymous said...

So many great outfits and pretty people. Fashion Week is Epic, I love love loooove it.

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Maria said...

I love that shot of Kate!

OnTheCorner said...

hey craig!

martina correa is an argentinian model :)

how crazy & funny to see it in your blog! very nice!



OnTheCorner said...

oh sorry!

really loved auke´s picture.

you have really nice photos!




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