Paris Fashion Week: Day 1 at Gareth Pugh

Right before the show, Rick Owens and his wife (1st woman on left) happy to see friends.  Remember, you can click on these pics to enlarge the details.

René Gloor, Fashion Stylist with a Vivienne Westwood cardigan on his shoulder

I finally got to meet Susie Bubble from Dazed Digital

I was deliberately shooting into the sun here for creative lighting effect to have some creative fun.  There's a rainbow going over their bodies even though it didn't rain.  

Benedetta Tirelli in a Gareth Pugh dress worn with Rick Owens boots.

Jean Paul and Sonny Groo from L'Officiel NL.

Charles, 15
Coat -- Gareth Pugh
Pants -- Gareth Pugh
Shoes -- Dior


La Clocharde said...

Oh, that kid in the last pic!! I saw him in The Sartorialist months ago, wearing Pierre Hardy colorama sneakers.
He is chic. And he looks from another planet.
He makes me think of Hedi Slimane so much! Perfect for that slim chic style.

Oh, and the Susie Bubble photo!! Sooooo cool. She looks so cute and stylish.

Have fun in Paris. Looking forward for more fab pics!

Brigadeiro said...

Susie from Style Bubble looks so gorgeous, ladylike but funky at the same time, love it!

Who IS that kid? So young and so chic!

Anonymous said...

I'm so jealous that that kid, who's 10 years younger than me, can afford designer clothes and I can't.

x miss nina said...

I think EVERYONE wants to know more about this kid! i need to.

Elizabeth said...

What a lot of gorgeous, hip people.

Susie looks great. I love that you bridged that gap.

Anonymous said...

love this set.

John Danner said...

A lot of "fashion forward" here. Damn. We have some time travelers.


Be said...

Amazing Styles !!!!

Syed said...

Oh wow love all of these!! And it might be the rubbishest wish from seeing all these fabulous clothes, but I actually really want the Nike Vandals in that first photo!

Anonymous said...

oh wow, the kid in the last pic looks AMAZING. He was on The Sart some time ago, i wish we could know more about him!

Anonymous said...

is that a dude wearing heels? I know about avant-garde, but that's just ridic.

Anonymous said...

This set is ACE !

Anonymous said...

do his parents know - where he is !!

Anonymous said...

This kid is ridiculous... 15 year old and already wearing designer garments ( for female moreover).

I'm sorry but it does not fit on him, the boots are toob ig for such a tiny person etc... AND if he he's stupid to pay 450 bucks for pair of skinny jeans,this guy he's just a pathetic fashion victim

I prefer kids with no money who are more creative like in Germany or anywhere

- said...

how a kid with 15 years old can be so chic??? (well, money it´s a good reason, cause he can afford both rick owens and dior items)

Anonymous said...

bleah. ass-face and ugly body with expansive and ridiculous dresses


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