Sprouse Book Launch Party

Joanne Sprouse, Stephen Sprouse's mother, Debbie Harry, and Brad Sprouse

Debbie Harry contributed to the book and Mauricio Padilha co-authored the book with his brother Roger.

Teri Toye, contributor to the book Sprouse and Karlo Steel, owner of Atelier the location of the party 

Tama Janowitz, novelist, wrote forward to the Padilha's book Sprouse

Marc Jacobs on right with Lorenzo Martone, his boyfriend

Fred Schneider, lead singer B52's on right and Johnny Dynell DJ on left

Fern Mallis, founder and creator of New York Fashion Week

Jeffrey Deitch, founder of Deitch Projects art gallery which is currently hosting an exhibtion: Stephen Sprouse: Rock on Mars

André Balazs, hotelier, owner of The Mercer

Patrick McDonald, writer and journalist

Team Vogue: Mimi Vu from Copy Editing and Brian Fee from Vogue Art

Edwige on Left was an inspiration to Madonna in the early 80's

Larissa, early 80's New York Party Scenester

famed Polaroid artist Jeremy Kost on left and Jun Nakayama

Bill Cunningham, New York Times street fashion photographer since the late 70's

On Tuesday night I had the pleasure of going to the Stephen Sprouse book launch party at Atelier at Hudson and Spring.   Style.com did an interview with Mauricio and Roger Padilha who authored the book in homage to Stephen Sprouse, famous for his neon hued marks on Louis Vuitton. The party was amazing and above are a few shots from the evening.


Marquis de Lannes said...

Marc Jacobs, cada dia mas guapo! Me encanta el trabajo de Bill Cunningham, lo cruzo en los desfiles en Paris, y tiene una energia envidiable para su edad!!

Anonymous said...

Oh wow - What a party! Some big fashion figures and 80's icons there... how fabulous! Bet it was a buzzing evening.

Oh and I love Bill Cunningham - he's "MARRHVELLOUS"!

No said...

YAY! Debbie Harry!

Anonymous said...

Debbie looks great!

Deborah said...

Debbie Harry! Such cool people there I wish I could have been :(

WendyB said...

I feel like I'm back in the '80s, except we're all heavier than we were then. It's so weird to see Larissa seeing as I was talking about her THIS MORNING. I bought a shearling coat from her in the late '90s and people still ask me about it.

STEFANIE said...

great pictures! Looks like everyone was having lots of fun!

Anonymous said...

wild. debbie harry rocking it haha
great photos

May Kasahara said...

god what an epic party.

love the photos - although they make me JEALOUS *in the most excellent way of course*

Roxana Farahmand said...

I didn't find the first half of these people well dressed. You would think Marc might show up to an event in something other than a hoodie. Put some effort in bud.

May Kasahara said...

oh and linking you - hope you don't mind.


Chelsea Fairless said...

I'm so jealous that you met Edwidge!! I blogged about her kind of recently:


She had a fling with Madonna actually.

MELI. said...

I loooove bill cunningham!!
he makes me smile every week♥MAVEHLOUSSS!!!!


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