backstage at the TIBI show

Tanya Dziahileva

Ania Porzuczek

Martha Streck
Milou van Groesen
Joann Smalls
Lindsay Ellingson

I'd have to say that working back stage at the TIBI show was a borderline Zen/harmony experience. I had imagined that it was going to literally be a "mosh pit" of photogprahers and journalists contorting around one another in a tiny cramped space. While the space back stage is small, there was still some kind of flow between people back stage that made moving around a smooth, effortless process for everyone involved. And to the PR people at TIBI, thanks for the opportunity!



love the backstage photos
it's the backstory to the final runway
great shots


Emz said...

I love the photos and the blue eyeshadow

Elizabeth said...

You did a great job documenting the experience. The light and feel of the photos conveys the relaxed energy of the backstage scene.

Unknown said...

Hi,May I know which DSLR are you using? Your pictures are great!And which lens do you usually use to take these pictures?
Thank you.

laia. said...

oh hey! I was there, shame I didn't see you.

Anonymous said...

new lens? great photos!

Camille said...

Incredible layering of blue eyeshadow on the part of the makeup artists! Beautiful pictures.

No said...

the colour of the eyeshadow is stunning.

Anonymous said...

Really, really good backstage pictures!!!!


Shift Operations said...

what Diego said. these photos are top-quality.


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