Glenda Bailey, Editor In Chief, Harper's Bazaar


Anonymous said...

Except for the height of her heels, she looks like a mild-mannered housewife from one of the Plains states.

Dream Sequins said...

I do adore the shape on that Hermes bag!

Ruhvana and Flanelli said...

I think it's good to see a picture of a real woman not in her twenties and who weights more than 50 kg :).
And she's quite stylish too, suits her.

don'tsaynofashion said...

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Politelife said...

Very nice Hermes Lindy bag. Tasteful.

ZEPETIT said...

Very elegant!


Jack O'Sullivan said...

Quite the stunner, and a consummate professional.

Jack O'Sullivan
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Pret a Porter P said...

really like her accessories, the bag, the encrusted black necklace, and the suede boots.

徵信社 said...

I love it! Very creative!That's actually really cool.



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