Models Street Style: Rachel Clark a former underdog?

I don't know if you've been following the news lately, but there's been a massive buzz surrounding Susan Boyle, the 47 year old singer from the U.K. who has supposedly never had a kiss. Granted, she's a bit frumpy and a bit of an underdog, but when you hear her sing, it'll blow your mind. You just never know the odds someone can conquer when they set their heart to something.

I was reminded of Susan's story when I read's bullet on Rachel Clark. Apparently, she had an "ugly duckling" experience in high school which was written about in the Palm Beach Post and titled, "Revenge of the Nerd". From supposed humble beginnings in Florida to modeling for Dior, Mizrahi, and walking the runways of Paris (a list of unmentioned prestigious clients goes on and on).

Rachel, long may you Rock On!


Brigadeiro said...

Ooh, I like that...'revenge of the nerds', although I doubt she was really an ugly duckling, everyone probably had 'tall poppie syndrome', she sure is showing them now ;) GORGEOUS! Love that jacket!

Unknown said...

^ You're probably right about her not having a REAL ugly duckling experience. But you never know. Milla Jovovich was apparently socially ostracized from her school mates for being from the Soviet Union. It could be an ugly duckling experience based on something non-physical.

If anyone has a link to the article, it'd be greatly appreciated. I did an exhaustive search on google for it, but couldn't uncover it.

grace said...

im not really sure she can be classified as an underdog with odds stacked against her! enduring a tough childhood is no doubt a scarring experience, but im certain that poverty, sickness, and other ailments prove to be much bigger obstacles.

not feeling so bad for her.

ChristingC said...

she is beautiful! i love stories about people overcoming bad times to do incredibly well in life!

Brigadeiro said...

altamiranyc - Ah! I see! Too true, plus kids/people can be so cruel to anyone who's 'different' (tall/pretty/ugly/fat/too thin/different ethnicity/etc) :(

Unknown said...

grace--I have a feeling her "ugly duckling" experience isn't based on something so dramatic, but on something more subtle, like her personal interests. As a youngster, interests which can differentiate you as other than normal, a "nerd" or a "trekkie" or a "bookworm", can be challenging experiences in and of themselves. I'll have to find the Palm Beach article or remember to ask Rachel next time I see her.

... said...

Hi from Paris,
I see you have linked Easy Fashion to Altamira.
I thank you for that and I link you back.
Your pictures are always elegant. I like that.
Have a nice day.

Fred the Mole

MONI said...

shes beautiful

Pret a Porter P said...

go Palm Beach!!

Jill (Polka Dot) said...

That's so funny - I'm in Palm Beach, too, @ the moment & my mom is so into the whole Susan Doyle thing. I'd love to see the link on Rachel, too, if you have it. Many models go thru this - being too tall & gangly can be devastating for young girls - and of course other girls can be so cruel when they're jealous. But we all get there in the end: happily ever after.

Hi H! Hi Altamira! night night folks

Miriam said...

wow! what a beauty.. no words

Line said...

Cool : ) When you meet models though, It s rarely the "popular" girl at school though, very often she is kind of quirky or awkward girl that didn´t know she was beautiful. I love that when working with models they are very often humble and insecure, then after working for a bit, they gain confidence and blossom.



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