Egle Tvirbutaite of Elite Models NY and Vogue Spain's Editor-In-Chief, Yolanda Sacristan

Egle Tvirbutaite of Elite Models NY just finished work on  a Benetton Campaign
leather jacket -- Yigal Azrouël
jeans -- Earnest Sewn
sneakers -- Nike
glasses -- Tom Ford

Yolanda Sacristan, Editor-In-Chief of Vogue Spain


Brigadeiro said...

LOVE Egle's outfit! That gorgeous Yigal leather jacket with Nike sneakers! Looks brilliant! :)

PS. She looks so cute & friendly too!

Oh Dear Charlotte said...

i want the jackets sooo bad!

Alina Farace said...

Nice information about Yigal leather jacket with Nike sneakers. Elite models doing great job in leather jacket

Jadore-Fashion said...

Lovely jackets!!

Dream Sequins said...

I wish I could get away with wearing hightop sneakers and a leather jacket. Sigh. She looks way cool.

kiah k. said...

Yolanda looks fantastic!

Anonymous said...

Yolanda Sacristan looks absolutely amazing!

Its too bad she does not pay as much attention to the quality of the contents of the magazine she edits!

For a quality international magazine title, Vogue Spain is extremely lacking in originality and innovation!

As an avid Vogue reader, my personal view is that the Spanish ´arm´ of Vogue is so very disorganized and lacking in high quality content for such an esteemed title.

The Monthly only seems to panders to the bourgeois and so called ´pijas´(a stupid Spanish term if ever!!); with their multi cut and paste cat-walk pictures and extremely low quality fashion editorials!

Unlike other European Vogue titles and indeed international counter-parts such as US and Japanese respectively, I personally find Spanish Vogue none educative and at best a mediocre fashion picture book for the very rich!

The whole point of fashion in my view is to mix ´high street (main street)´with so-called ´ high fashion´.
I find it disconcerting and shameful in this age of financial strife, an international title in a country of 4 million (and counting) unemployed is still only trumpeting Balmain Jackets at Euro 5000, Spicy LV sandals at Euro 1700 et al.

Its no wonder the circulation of Spanish Vogue is plummeting in comparison to Spanish Elle which is lot more the thinking woman´s fashion magazine!

Vogue Spain should try to readdress itself in an all changing fashion landscape as the world economy shudders.
Vogue Spain should reclaim its rightful place in fashions ´educational´role so therefore encouraging individual women to develop there own sense of style and originality, of which lets face it the average Spanish woman has absolutely no idea what so ever.

Lets help Spanish women demonstrate true sartorial originality such as what we see on the pages of this blog and indeed how true style can all be accomplished on a ´shoe string´budget.
Lets champion original fashion shops from Madrid and beyond, profiling a different shop or two each month, showing how garments can be ´recycled´to look different each time.

As editor-in-chief of the best fashion bible franchise out there, Yolanda Sacristan owes every Spanish woman at the very least a responsibility to try and help shed there shoddy shoddy sartorial leanings!


I do hope my opinion (comment) is warranted!


London, England. Madrid, Spain.

Unknown said...

Hogan, your opinion is well written and valid.

Anonymous said...

the second photo is fantastic!

Anthea said...

wow the comment about Spanish Vogue was interesting. I don't think it is just Spanish Vogue...I think American Vogue is going in that direction as well...

Anonymous said...

Ahem... Spanish ELLE is not exactly the thinking woman's magazine (it's more the mag for the 'progre' set, the widely populated mindset in Spain: the new traditionalist, the less globalised ones). And, oh please, to measure the editorial quality of a fashion magazine because if it is adapting to the budget of middle classes and its aspirational desires to achieve the signs of the higher classes.

Very confusing those concepts, needing urgently some serious updating...
And yes, Vogue Spain may be doing it better, but also the American ones, etc.

Anonymous said...

Alas, Sadly I have to agree with Hogan above!
I am a fashion designer from L.A who has lived and worked in London and then Madrid, Spain for two years until very recently.

To see YOLANDA SACRISTAN looking so very chic as she strut the global fashion stage as "Editor-in-chief" of a ´cut and paste´ (sorry Hogan, I had to borrow that phrase because its so true!!) editorial called Spanish Vogue is a bit of a joke!
As Hogan again quite rightly pointed out, Vogue Spain seems quite clueless, immature, extremely erratic and in my view suffers a lack of basic fashion imagination, its oh so very predictable!!

Vogue Spain suffers from the greatest crime of all which happens to be a delusion of grandeur so vastly ridiculous it begger´s belief in a country where the average monthly salary is a little over $1000.

The readership critical mass just does not add up as is evident from the bland and quite frankly fashion-clueless women seen on the streets of Spain daily. Hogan is also right in pointing out that S-V panders to the whims and fancies of a minor specific macro-demographic of Spanish women (known as ´PIJAS´, meaning Posh!) who alone afford to spend 000$ in Chanel, Hermes etc.

Unlike the rest of Europe where high fashion is aspirational and a quite accessible treat from time to time, the average Spanish woman feels rather intimidated by Vogue and so relates it by definition to the bourgeois. How sad!

Yolanda Sacristan´s magazine does not do enough to champion fashion for the general good but has instead resorted to the tried and tested ethos of cheap (expensive?!) thrills in a failed attempt to gain readership in a devastatingly crisis hit economy.

As Hogan pointed out, 4 million unemployed do not hanker for Louis Vuitton Spicy sandals nor Balmain military band jackets, as is evident in the half empty luxury shops in Madrid´s Serrano district. Instead, woman in this austere climate are looking for a creative way to reuse, restyle and adapt creatively that which we have.....Adding new designer/thrift shop finds from time to time.

Fashion is not dead. It has simply moved on with the times. Spanish Vogue should perhaps learn a bit of sensitivity and attract new readership by adapting to the signs of the time!

Gloria B.


... said...

i love egle's shoes!

-unusual 09 shoes

Anonymous said...

I love this blog!

Especially when a mere photo leads to such constructive comments such as the ones posted above regarding Yolanda Sacristan and Spanish Vogue!

Interesting indeed.
Shows fashion is not just the whimsical pursuits of the superficial!

Thanks for the post!

R. McQueen.

´Altamira´ please keep encouraging free thinking on your blog!

Marquis de Lannes said...

una muy buena amiga!!!

Styleseeking Zurich said...

The comments above were just as much interesting as the pictures! Love this post!


Anonymous said...

I love Yolanda´s outfit!!Well I think that many shoots of the magazine ate too boring, when just show total looks, but in my opinion is the best fashion magazine that we have in Spain.

I think the concept of just show high fashion and designer clothes is correct, because OMG Vogue is the house of style!, and unless me, I don´t like to see low cost or zara published in the magazine, if I wanted to see it I just have to go out.

I think many women see Vogue like a way of escape of the reality, and depite they couldn´t afford the clothes that are published, still buy the magazine because it allows them to dream.

Altamira I´m a big fan of your blog since time ago, thanks for posting!

superawesomeman said...

who's that chick that's rockin' kicks? gotta be from outta town!~


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