altamira on German National TV:1. Prosieben's TAFF 2. RTL

An interview I had with Prosieben's TAFF aired last week after they followed me for a day, documenting my coverage of Models Off Duty.   You might be able to see the video by clicking  here.   Then just a few days ago, Germany's RTL network aired my interview with them, also documenting my coverage of Models Off Duty.  This video is accessible here .

Celebrate by visiting my  blog at ELLE Germany :)


Anonymous said...

haha I heard that you had an interview with taff and desperately tried to find a video on the net but couldn't :))
My favourite Streetstyle blog ever

Anonymous said...

Great job...

Anonymous said...

congrats to that! and thanks a lot for the links to the vidoes, i enjoyed watching them :)

style slicker said...


Anonymous said...

I found your blog because of this articles!!!
It is great!


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