Announcing altamira's syndication on ELLE Germany online

If you live in Germany or any other German speaking part of Europe, you may have seen me today on ProSieben's TAFF. If so, you might find it convenient to follow my blog in German over at .

The format is beautiful, the photos equally pretty, and everything is already translated too. Feel free to leave comments over there as well



Hyriand said...

Yes Dear Craig, I saw it in ProSieben. And because of that I am here in your blog and can see your lovely works. As I saw it there, you are canon user as I am, just wanted to ask you that which Lens do you use on the street for those shots?

Greetings From Germany

Antonio Barros said...

Congratulations! I did not know you worked with Elle! :)
I left a comment there!

The Photodiarist said...

Hey! Congratulations. This is excellent stuff.

Katrin said...

I saw you on ProSieben aswell, but I'm not from any of the above mentioned countries ;) Other parts of Europe receive ProSieben aswell, so anyone watching in Estonia, did too :)

Unknown said...


Thanks for your update. I edited my post to reflect your information.

Manja said...

Ohhhh, I will have to check if I can find your Taff clip online....darn it, now I wish I would still live in Germany :D

Anonymous said...

congratulations, thats awesome!

check out my blog @

Anonymous said...

Congratulations for work with Elle. I don't live in Germany but I still read you!
Nice day!

alexx said...


Yesterday I saw you on ProSieben too and I like your work! Very nice.
You can watch the clip from Taff here:

Greetings from Germany!

AnnaEvgen said...

Happily enough, I was watching TV at that moment! Otherwise I would have missed your brilliant stuff. Love the concept you're doing - hope to see much more (:


Melissa said...

i'm so happy that i saw u in Taff cause since a few months i'm very interested in fashion and model blogs and when i saw u i knew that u are perfect. i love ur work! u are amazing :)
greetings from germany

Milka said...

Well I saw you on "taff" too and I'm happy about that since this is the best fashion blog besides sartorialist. Great idea, great work, hope to see more:)

Christina Mannatt said...


Anonymous said...

haha, i saw you on taff then:D (though i had already seen you on
i'm a 15-year-old school-girl from germany, love your stuff and fashion.
but i prefer to just read and watch here, then i practise my english at the same time.
go on having so many nice pics.


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