Video of Heidi Mount and Olga Sherer leaving the Christian Dior show at the Tuileries

Okay, I'm usually quite particular about which photos I allow to go on my site, in terms of their quality. And personally, I don't feel that the quality of this video really expresses my potential as a photographer.  But since I'm not a videographer, and the content is so interesting, I'm going to make an exception.

The video shows many things.  How difficult it is to get a clean shot of a model leaving a show. Look at the sheer number of people hovering around Heidi and Olga's side at the end of the video, trying to itemize the clothes that they are wearing.  In an effort to get an itemization of the clothes that they are wearing,  they often walk side by side with the model, which ruins many shots for many other photographers.  People calling the models by their WRONG names.  Other sheeple then calling Heidi and Olga by the same wrong name.  The flashes that go off that blow out shots.  Heidi and Olga holding each other, as if to protect themselves from the onslaught of photographers.  

Welcome to Paris Fashion Weak.


Anki ★ said...

They look great!
It's funny to see how much taller they are in comparison to the others!

Maud said...

I was there yesterday!

Anonymous said...

Wow, I feel sorry for them

... said...

great video, it does show a lot
thanks for posting!

-greatest stylist of our generation: Panos Yiapanis

denparser said...

what i could say is just attracting viewers' attention to it. it's funny though. thanks for sharing.

Antonio Barros said...

I dont remember to see so many paparazzis a few years ago!


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