Shout out to those who helped.

I had a project I created this past fashion month which was supported by a few model enthusiasts, some of which have internet sites.

The project is still in it's BETA stages and needs to be tweaked before release to the public, lest someone steal the idea.

So in the meantime, a special word of thanks goes out to:

1. Claudia Vitarelli--Parsons student, for managing the execution of the project. It was an enormous time consuming task.

2. Campbell Gray--Columbia student, thanks for massive insights into the twittersphere.

3. Bonae's Blog--more models off duty, you can start by clicking through to his blog to an energetic shot of Freja

4. From A to 12th--check out his blog by starting here with a shot of one of his favorite models: Valerija Kelava

5. Naqia Esufaly--she hung out with all the street photographers during fashion month. We tried to convince her to start a blog, but she'd rather go straight into the modeling industry

6. Devore Irvin--almost lost it when he saw Lara Stone leave Calvin Klein. It's ok, I love her too.

7. [en]mASSE--a new art/fashion publication that's currently stocked at Spring/Lafayette and 40th/6th Avenue. Site here


SarahPeslar said...

It's awesome how you are able to give out recognition to people working their way up!

Cannot wait to hear about your project!

gucci uk said...

Thanks for such a great post and the review, I am totally impressed!

Just Another Londoner said...

Ooh exciting!!

Heavycats said...

my best wishes for the project,it's seems a great thing...


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