Izabel Goulart (Women, NY) exits Dolce & Gabbana at Milan Fashion Week

Former Victoria's Secret Angel Izabel as found exiting the Dolce & Gabbana show. Did you know that according to her Wikipedia entry, she once told Conan O'Brien that she learned english by watching Woody Woodpecker cartoons? While I haven't shot her a lot, she sure seems like fun :)

Also, just a reminder that this blog will be moving to TUMBLR within the next couple of weeks. Because of the unfortunate incident of flickr deleting without advance warning 3.5 years of archives (of which I don't absolve myself of responsibility for causing), I've decided it was best to move to a new platform which is more internet savvy. So the chronological order of the archives won't be preserved in the same linear format they are presented here.


Karoline Kalvø said...

Wow, she's so stunning. Love her sunnies.

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Karoline Kalvo

salomé said...

Looooooooooooove I'm FAN ;D

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My Style Affair said...

She is gorgeous and seems to be very bubbly. That is horrible having all your photos deleted!

My Style Affair

Barcelonette (c) said...

she's amazing and so is her style


Elisabeth said...

Love it! So into plaid shirts right now.

Unknown said...

adore the shoes, fabulous shots


Alinne's Style said...

She is amazing, Love Isabel! vivs brasilin models!



Kimberly said...

she's just gorgeous! love her outfit especially her shoes and sunglasses!


moustachic said...

i saw her there shes soo gorgeouss


Anonymous said...

oh but please bring back the archives!

jada and jon said...

I've heard that a few times about tumblr being better. Interesting...gonna have to look into that a bit more.

come check out a pic from our lalaland gypsy shoot we did! vintage from it to be on the site soon!

and follow to get a 20% discount!!


jessica january said...

love her purple framed sunnies!!

january, x

Anonymous said...

Are you going to repost the archives?

Unknown said...

Adoooore her boots! And she's very beautiful too , of course :)

yvo said...

yea stunning!

Amy Creyer said...

Craig, did Flickr ever respond to your inquiry as to whether or not the archives can be restored? It's heartbreaking when I'm floating around street style websites, and I come across an entry about you with a reposted photo of yours, but only a broken image link shows up.

I use Flickr and am seriously considering switching to a different image hosting service. Will you hosting your images on Tumblr itself or using a third=party service?

Connie said...

She looks gorgeous. Great shoes.

The Heartbreak

analee said...

She is very cool. like her.

sara said...

a.ambrosio and her seem twin sisters!but i prefer izabel. and i love her shirt and perfecto (leather jacket).


Asha said...

where are her boots from?

Anonymous said...

Love the boots! Anyone know what they are?


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