Martha Streck (Brazil)

Old School enthusiasts would say Martha has 3 things going for her:
1. Solid Runway--Dior, Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci, Victoria's Secret
2. Solid Editorial--NUMÉRO China Feb. 2011, Vogue Covers, etc.
3. Solid Campaigns/Advertising--luxury clients like Bergdorf's and Neiman Marcus, and H&M

As a New School enthusiast I'd add Martha also has
4. Solid Press Potential--via internet, largely because of her effortless sense of fashion and personableness with photographers. Above, she maintains her classic style base, yet still accessorizes with trendy round sunglasses and platform shoes.

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Fashionstyle said...

Beautiful style!!

Misaki Boutique said...

Lovely post as always xo

salomé said...


Mars said...

She has everything a model should have to stay in the biz down pat. Hooray for Martha!

Mars of fashion insouciance

Agenzie hostess torino said...

In this jacket Martha Streckare is looking awesome beautiful.

jessica january said...

love the sunnies!

january, x

Serena R. said...


Collections said...

Love the color of her bag!

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Michelle Lee said...

love the bag :)

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welovefur said...

I love it
Your blog is amazing!!!!
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with love

lovemins said...

great style! love her smile :)

LRB said...

Love her effortless style.

Victoria Trott said...

she's really tall, damn

bourgeois girl said...


Gabrielle said... her outfit!!! That fur jacket is amazing.

Kimberly said...

she looks gorgeous!

Tristana said...

Amazing girl! I do love either style of her beauty

agenzia modelle said...

Amazing style! She is looking awesome beautiful in the jacket. Thanks for sharing.
agenzia modelle


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