Agnes Karlsson (Sweden)

Agnes Karlsson (Nisch Management, Stockholm)


Rocket Fashionista said...

She looks gorgeous, love the outfit too!



she's beautiful. I'd love to look like her.. yay <3

with love,
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mademoiselle créative said...

Very beauty and very casual! I like it!

Alice said...

What a beauty!


i always find swedish models have a unique style,just very simple and effortlessly chic.And she's no exception!lxxx

loubehr said...

really cute :)

Lauren said...

Cool urban casual look.

The Styleseer

Kerold och Carolinas reflektioner said...

Simple look typical Swedish. I adore the colorful make-up.

Amy Creyer said...

Love the casual vibe of her outfit. It's a welcome relief to see models like her who dress really fucking cool. The low-key models are the ones who really win me over.

Unknown said...

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Pinecone Stew said...

Have a SUPER week !


My white Cons are pristine in comparison ;) love the jeans! and location :)


Vilette said...

Your blog is so inspiring! I'm following!

AButterflyByDay said...

shes so pretty. lover her tomboy look too!

come visit us at our new site!

hope to hear from you soon!
xx, camilla and valerie

kawb said...

she is looking very beautiful, attractive, seductive and much more..I love her


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