Behind the scenes at 9West/CFDA Fashion Targets Breast Cancer, May 2011

Nigel Barker in action

Make Up stylist Itsuki's assistant curling the eyelashes on a model

Hair Stylist Ben Skervin adds hair extensions to model Carolyn Murphy

Stylist Leslie Framer custom cut each tank top

Carolyn Murphy with Nigel Barker

You'll see these models walking around with these boots on during New York Fashion Week

It's all about the pedometer measuring how many miles the model walks from castings, to fittings, to shows. For every mile a girl walks $1 will be donated to Fashion Targets Breast Cancer

Back in May I had the opportunity to visit the Highline Studio's on West 15th for a day to shoot the behind the scenes action at the 9West/CFDA Runway Relief Fall campaign drive.

3 shifts of models started to trickle in at 8 am, 8:45, and 9:30. Nigel Barker was the photographer, Itsuki did makeup, Leslie Framer was the wardrobe stylist, and Ben Skervin was responsible for hair.

The point of the day was ultimately to raise funds for the Fashion Targets Breast Cancer foundation. Participating models will wear boots during New York Fashion Week equipped with pedometers and for every mile they walk according to their pedometer in the boots, $1 will go to Fashion Targets Breast Cancer.

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Unknown said...


Bri said...

This is a very cool project, love that the boots have the pedometer in them.

Will you be announcing the total raised?

Kate said...

Wow, that's a really great idea! Great shots.

Wioletta Kamińska said...

amazing pics <3

rental mobil said...

Very nice, thanks for sharing.

Michelle Lee said...

amazing project

Anonymous said...

What a fantastic idea and for a great cause! We all know those models walk miles to and from shows!

Anonymous said...

Who makes those pedometers? do you know the brand?

Unknown said...

nigel with hairs?
so suprising !!!!


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