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As you know, I've been covering all four fashion weeks or what is more easily called Fashion MONTH for 3 years now. This season, L'Oreal Paris approached me about what could become the next huge niche in the fashion industry online: a user generated hair style site. Think about it. First was street. Then was personal style. Now there are a few beauty blogs. And now there is, the first user generated personal hair style site. You can spend endless hours uploading your own looks or surfing some of the coolest hair styles from around the world: Mod Squad, The Modern Bouffant, and Braids Envy to name a few.

Above are just a few examples of inspirational hair from London Fashion Week: opening with Nadia aka the blogger FrouFrouu and closing with Peony Lim's amazing hair.

Take heed my dear readers and go forth and upload your own inspirations now while history is in the making at


skadiida said...

like the pics (:

liebste grüße

Unknown said...

^ Thanks :)

Beatrice B. said...

Nadia is gorgeous!!!


Catherine said...

Oh those sunglasses on the last picture! I neeeeeeeeed them.

Michelle Lee said...

Love that last sunnies amazing photos all :)

Hana said...

Such a perfect idea!


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