Roz Jana (unsigned): author Laura Lee meets actress Keira Knightley meets Napoleon Hill

dress--1960's from Bertie's vintage shop
brown bag--grandma's
green bag--vintage
oxford heels--Office

BACKBONE--brooch made by her friend to turn the idea of resilience, strength, and backbone into a piece of jewelry

All I can say about Roz --formerly on the Select board-- is that in my opinion, her beauty which is reminiscent of Keira Knightley goes way beyond her outward appearance:

--writer--her (Agri)cultural review writing just won the VOGUE.UK 2011 Talent Contest. It appears in the October Issue of Vogue UK and won her a month's paid internship at Vogue UK.

--designer--she makes her own dresses, which you can read about on her blog Clothes, Cameras and Coffee

--trooper--she responds to adversity with poise that would make Tony Robbin's drool. When she first learned she had scoliosis, she used it as an opportunity to make her own "scoliodress" inspired by the Alexander McQueen spine print from a few seasons back. You can read about it in her post TWISTED EMBRACE. And as if that's not enough, check out her "backbone" brooch.

While Roz may claim to have about 10 favorite authors, with her new Vogue Talent Contest win and an attitude in adversity like she has, it won't surprise me if someday she makes the ranks of her most admired authors: Laurie Lee, Angela Carter, or Owen Sheers.

Altamira definitely loves Roz.


loubehr said...

woawww that girl is stylish !

and insanely pretty !

bARE-eYED sUN said...

love the outfit, love the pix, love Roz's writing, and especially love the sleeves. wonderful accent bring it all together.

hey, good post, thank you for sharing.


The Foolish Aesthete said...

Thank you for posting about dear Roz, (whom I consider a friend on the blog-o-sphere) and who now prefers to be called Rosalind. Her beauty is definitely beyond skin deep and I admire her on many levels.

Cecylia said...

That is one cool BACKBONE! Love how you have cauptured her!

beesandbugs said...

Love her look and how creative she is! :)


liket the way she mixed those cute pieces!!!


Anonymous said...

I've been following her blog for a couple of weeks, love her style!

Runway Girly said...

Now this girl has serious style. So well put together.
Runway Girly x

Karsa said...



santhi said...

definetly my type! I love her look:)

Plami said...

She's so cool! Love the hat!


Joy said...

Such personality! I love it.

the style crusader said...

Roz is such a babe. Love what you've written about her here. So well said. These photos are gorgeous as well. You've captured her so well.

Couldn't believe it when she said she bought this dress BEFORE seeing the Prada aw11 collection! It's so similar in shape... this chicks got style. xx

Rosalind said...

It was such a delight to meet, talk with and be photographed by you - a real honour. I love the photos here and I'm so pleased to see the 'backbone' brooch, designed and made for me by my great friend Esme (of Esme Eva Silver) featured so beautifully. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

This girl has serious sense of style and it was not drilled into her ( I know her) - she was simply born with it. She is a unique phenomenon. I commend her. A friend.

Daeha said...

Wow, lovely!

Daeha said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Bertie said...

Rosalind is inspiring. She has the rare ability to take garments and with intuitive flare,style and great imagination make them her own.
I'm sure great things will follow.
Wonderful photographs.

Unknown said...

She's incredible! Everyone raves about her at fashion week.

@ Rosalind--thanks for your comment :)

jill said...

Beautiful photos of a beautiful girl - in every sense, not just superficially. One who I'm glad to call a friend. And her family are all like that, just amazing.

You paid a wonderful tribute, Craig. I knew you'd get it about her.

Anonymous said...

Second photo reminds me of Sean Young from Bladerunner. Love it.

Sophie Andersen said...

love the jewellry !!!! please check my streetstyle-blog too :)
xx Sophie


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