Yulia Kharlapanova (Russia/Women): Fashion Night Out/Meat Packing District

Last night was Fashion Night Out all over the world and the streets of New York City were shoulder-to-shoulder with people shopping, partying, and drinking pretty much everything in site. It's a wonder the city still functioned everyone was having so much fun.

Crossing paths with Yulia who is always a pleasure to see, was one highlight.

loafers -- Miu Miu
pants -- BCBG
top -- Gucci

One thing we did talk about briefly was Casting Director Jennifer Starr's statement in her recent interview with New York Magazine, "

"Model street style has blown up significantly in the past few years, what do you make of it?

There is no doubt in my mind that if you have authentic personal style, it will help you as a model. Look at models like Erin Wasson, Abbey Lee, Freja Beha, and Daria Webowy, all of whom have great style. Personal style indicates to me that you have a great sense of self. The key is having authentic style. You must feel comfortable with the image you're projecting; otherwise, it's obvious you're trying too hard."


Unknown said...

love it so cute :)





Plami said...

Gorgeous! SHe's so stylish and beautiful!



Anonymous said...

Love the pants fabulous

Anonymous said...

Your telling me she doesn't have an eating disorder that poor girl

vicky said...

really nice and charming


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