57 seconds with Jacquelyn Jablonski exiting Giambattista Valli

2:12 20 seconds, Jacquelyn's driver

2:12 26 seconds, getting photographed while walking

2:12 36 seconds, I like the collar on her white top here. Stop for photo = 2 seconds.

2:12 52 seconds, nice short details! Put on helmut = 9 seconds

2:13 17 seconds, time to speed across the Seine to the Tuileries

This little photo series documents the behind the scenes action of what it's like when models leave shows at Paris Fashion Week.

There's a function on my camera that gives me the exact point in time down to the second at which all shots were taken. So I took the time from the camera from each of these shots to demonstrate just how fast a model moves from show to show at Paris Fashion Week.

In this case, Jacquelyn was en route to Chloe in the Tuileries and (my) total time spent shooting her literally amounted to less than 1 minute.


mademoiselle créative said...

Really great! :)

m.corbett said...

omg that is so amazing i wanted that in london. just tooting around on moped like you do in taxis wowowoowow x x x

Helena said...

Amazing post!
I love her style!!!
Awesome blog ;D


Lauren said...

Fascinating behind the scenes story!

The Styleseer

Anonymous said...

Models are so busy! She has great style x

Dylana Suarez said...

Beautiful pictures!



chat sexe said...

SO sexy :p

Anonymous said...

cool shots

Collections said...

This is awesome. Love how she's leaving on a motorcycle of sorts and how someone has to buckle her helmet for her... lol

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mapetitevalise said...

love this post!


The Foolish Aesthete said...

I enjoyed that detail on timing! Jablonski's face is dwarfed inside that huge helmet!


St. Louis burglar alarm said...

Jacquelyn is looking so pretty with those shorts and helmet on...super awesome.


Cristiana Nunes said...

What an outfit!

Remy said...

So beautiful :D

Wanna see her :D

Weekendpascher said...

Really great, amazing post :D


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