Mary Kate and Ashley Olson/SupergaUSA Party

Alessandra Codinha

Filipa Fino

DJ Harley Viera Newton

Jane Keltner de Valle (L) Fiona Byrne (R)

Laurel Pantin

Last night on Crosby Street and Prince at the Crosby Hotel, Mary Kate and Ashley Olson hosted a party in celebration of their collaboration withSuperga.  If you want to see what their sneakers look like, click HERE for an image on my instagram.  The lights were flashing as fashion’s A-listers arrived in all their couture splendor.  Everyone from American Vogue’s Meredith Melling Burke to Old School bloggers like Julia Frakes was in attendance.  Ornate decor on the inside ripe with mini lemon trees accessorized the amazing selection of gourmet snacks and fruits.  Mixologists tended bar diligently in the back.  Meanwhile, everyone was oogling the new line of sneakers which are now available at the Soho Store.  I say they are the perfect accessory for a photographer like myself during fashion month madness.



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