Why Andie Arthur should walk the next Victoria's Secret show

Andie Arthur (Ford, NY) should definitely walk the 2013 Victoria's Secret show.  Here's why:

1.  No one from FORD models walked the 2012 show.

2.  Andie will be 18

3.  Andie knows how to "sell the sizzle".  By that I mean, just look at all her street style pictures.  She always projects an amazing energy and charisma, which would translate to the runway and catalog, just the kind of personae Victoria's Secret needs representing it's legacy of entertaining Top Models.  If she knows how to be "on stage" while Off Duty, she'll definitely know how to be "on stage" while On Duty (on the runway or TV interviews etc).

4.  Andie is Social Media savvy.  Not only do her Twitter and Instagram handles match, but interacts with her followers, connecting with them and giving them something to relate to.



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