WELL DUNN Jourdan Dunn!

Jourdan Dunn (Women, NY)

One of the highlights of being a professional model who achieves public prominence is the ability to build your brand beyond the limits of the modeling industry, something the former supermodels of Old where experts at.  Now Jourdan Dunn is now doing something similar with her new hit Cooking Show: Well Dunn with Jourdan Dunn.  Not only will Jourdan presumably make more money as a result of her show, she will also establish her name beyond the confinces of the fashion bubble and thus increase her booking value even more because her name will extend beyond into other industries as well.  Jourdan's show is a classic example to the up and coming model who wants to use her modeling profession to achieve more than what the limited world of modeling can accomplish. Kudos Jourdan! When's my first dish gonna be home delivered?



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